Undergraduate Advising Executive Committee

The Undergraduate Advising Executive Committee (UAEC) is a university committee that addresses academic advising issues across the institution in order to best serve University of Kansas undergraduate students and to improve progression to degree.

UAEC is intended to serve as a conduit of information about undergraduate student advising to university leadership while providing needed guidance on advising best practice implementation for all undergraduate academic units. The UAEC is supported by Academic Success.

The purpose of the UAEC is to serve as the leadership and advisory group representing undergraduate academic advising across the institution. This purpose is grounded in the goal of continually improving academic advising for all undergraduate students, with considerable emphasis on academic advising provided to students in transition between majors and/or academic units. To this end, the following focus areas are identified for UAEC to explore, make recommendations and/or implement relevant practices, and change as appropriate:

  • Serve as the thought partner on all institutional decisions related to the student advising experience.
  • Develop common policies and practices for advising of undergraduates at the University of Kansas for retention, progression, graduation and post-graduation purposes.
  • Propose consistent policies practiced by schools and departments as appropriate.
  • Establish shared expectations and metrics for usage of university advising tools, including but not limited to: advising tools, degree audits, and student information systems.
  • Facilitate communication between the advising community and university administration.
  • Advocate on behalf of advising units campus-wide when necessary.
  • Promote shared training and professional development opportunities within the advising community at the university.
  • Stay abreast of current trends, research and best practices in academic advising.

Current UAEC Members

  • Karen Ledom

    Director - Student Academic Services, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

  • Frances Lyons

    Assistant Dean - Student Services, William Allen White School of Journalism & Mass Communications

  • Jason O'Connor

    Assistant Dean - Academic Programs, School of Business

  • Rita Riley

    Director - Student Services, School of Music

  • Dawn Shew

    Director - Undergraduate Academic Services, School of Engineering

  • Zac Shields

    Coordinator - Design Student Services & Advising, School of Architecture & Design

  • Kristin Trendel

    Assistant Dean, School of Social Welfare